New Market Advisory
Your key to a new market


New Market Advisory provides consultancy and marketing services to clients in both the private and public sectors.

Clients of New Market Advisory fall into three categories:

  • Companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies

Services for companies

  • Searching for foreign partners. Identifying potential foreign partners and exploring possible collaboration opportunities.
  • Organizing visits to potential partners in the Netherlands or other countries.
  • General support in dealing with foreign partners: advice on business culture, do's and don'ts, an overview of the economic situation in the specific country and sector, advice on communication and marketing strategy, pricing, etc.
  • Primary market research in the country of interest.
  • Services for foreign companies starting a business in the Netherlands.

Services for non-profit organizations involved in promoting international business activities, such as Chambers of Commerce, industry associations, sector associations, etc.

  • Organizing trade missions, B2B contact days, sector presentations, conferences, and seminars.

Services for governmental organizations (ministries, trade promotion agencies, etc.)

  • Activities to promote bilateral trade relations and exports.
  • Participation in international business development projects.
  • Working on behalf of ministries (for example, acting as the official trade representative).


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